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Nortech supplies innovative monitoring and control technology to network and system operators, with a strong emphasis on delivering working end-to-end business as usual solutions.

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RTUs & Smart Sensors

Nortech supplies specialist monitoring technology products and services to utilities, generators and system integrators. Our products and central software solutions enable customers to extend the reach of their data collection systems and improve the performance of their assets.


iHost™ provides a single platform enabling customers to manage the increasing numbers of small, low cost, communicating “smart field devices” installed at remote locations as well as building “Smart Grid” applications using the data.


Visualisation of alarms and status, archiving of data, reporting and trending all available on one flexible platform.


As well as supporting Nortech’s own Micro RTUs, iHost offers the ideal off-the-shelf “head end system” for large populations of communicating field devices from multiple vendors.


Our Products

Nortech technology components provide network and system operators the ability to see deep into the network beyond the reach of traditional SCADA systems.

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