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Powerful Communications Hub

Communications hub

The ENVOY™ RTU provides the asset owners and operators with a powerful, flexible, data processing and communications hub.

Connected equipment is polled for data, data is transformed and stored as called for by the application and then forwarded to central systems for use.

As a communications hub ENVOY allows engineers to tunnel through to remote equipment to perform diagnostic checks and updates.

ENVOY allows engineers to deploy solutions quickly without having to build large and complex SCADA and IT systems to collect and process data.

DSO-ready solution

Nortech iHost™ and ENVOY products are used to provide advanced monitoring and control in substation environments. ENVOY products are interfaced with high precision transducers, including:

  • Voltage Control (AVC) Relays for Advanced Voltage Control Schemes

  • RMS AC Measurement Sensors for Precision Substation Metering

  • PQ Analysers for Power Quality & Harmonics Monitoring

  • Wind Turbine and Power Park Monitoring

Nortech offers tailored ENVOY solutions to deliver critical services for Distribution System Operators.

Powerful integrated platform

Built around a powerful ARM processor running the Linux® operating system ENVOY platform provides a base on which to develop and deploy unlimited monitoring and control applications.

ENVOY is equipped with digital inputs, analogue inputs, control outputs, ethernet, serial and usb connections and supports DNP3, Modbus and CAN bus protocols.

Standard ENVOY platform features include over-the-air updates, remote access and management from iHost™. Now just add applications to suit your network requirements.

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