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Micro RTUs

Versatile micro RTUs for remote site monitoring

Nexus micro RTUs

The Nexus family of micro RTUs provide the asset operator with economical, reliable, remote site monitoring for a wide range of applications out in the real world.

Offering a versatile mix of inputs, power supply options, local communications and 4G/2G remote communications they can be used to monitor alarms and data from almost any equipment in any location.

Used in conjunction with iHost™, Nexus micro RTUs give reliable, accurate, real-time reports on the operating state of remote equipment.

Flexible monitoring solutions

Our NX12 micro RTU offers binary inputs, analogue inputs and output control channels. The NX12 includes options for I/O expansion, AC or DC power supply as well as back-up battery.

Our NX22 micro RTU provides remote monitoring at locations where there is no auxiliary power available. The NX22 is designed to monitor a wide variety of equipment using digital and analogue inputs and is self-contained in a single compact unit. Installation is simple, typically requiring no configuration on site.

Nexus Micro RTUs are designed for continuous maintenance-free operation for up to 10 years.

Versatile applications

Nexus micro RTUs offer simple, versatile monitoring for all sorts of remote plant applications.

A popular application is the remote monitoring of pumping stations. Alarm conditions allow for more effective use of service personnel and resources. Collecting well levels and pump activity without the need for site visits means that potential problems can be identified before they become critical.

Nexus micro RTUs are also used in cable pressure monitoring systems, vehicle and traffic management schemes, generator fuel tank monitoring and medical applications for temperature control.

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