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Innovative monitoring and control technologies for electricity network and system operators

RTUs and Smart Sensors

The increase in embedded generation, changes in load patterns and adoption of electric vehicles are just some of the reasons that power flows, voltage profiles and constraints on the distribution network are becoming more complex and no longer match traditional models used by network planners and design teams.


Taking action to keep the grid stable requires that operators have visibility of what is happening out on the network.


Nortech technology components provide network and system operators the ability to see deep into the network beyond the reach of traditional SCADA systems.



NX45; Underground Cable FPIs
Powerful Communications Hub
The ENVOY™ platform provides the asset owners and operators with a powerful, flexible, data processing and communications hub.

Connected equipment is polled for data, data is transformed and stored as called for by the application and then forwarded to central systems for use.
NX45; Underground Cable FPIs
Underground Cable FPIs
Fault Passage Indicators for Underground Cable Systems
Our cable fault passage indicators (FPIs) seamlessly integrate fault detection, load and power measurement, RTU functions, power supplies, communication and mounting enclosure - all in a single optimised device.

With the option for 4G/2G communications these FPIs can deliver a native DNP3 link direct to the control room as well as over-the-air firmware updates and configuration management from iHost
NX45; Underground Cable FPIs
Overhead Line FPIs
Fault Passage Indicators for Overhead Line Networks
Smart Navigator 2.0 fault passage indicator (FPI) provides directional overcurrent and earth fault indication, conductor temperature monitoring and directional power flow detection, all within a 1kg self-powered overhead line sensor.

The innovative clamping mechanism enables field teams to install FPIs on live overhead lines up to 12 meters high using a hot stick, eliminating interruption to customer supply.
NX45; Underground Cable FPIs
Micro RTUs
Versatile micro RTUs for remote site monitoring
The Nexus family of micro RTUs provide the asset operator with economical, reliable, remote site monitoring for a wide range of applications out in the real world.

Offering a versatile mix of inputs, power supply options, local communications and 4G/2G remote communications they can be used to monitor alarms and data from almost any equipment in any location.
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