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Overhead Line FPIs

Fault Passage Indicators for Overhead Line Networks

Intelligent fault detection

Smart Navigator 2.0 fault passage indicator (FPI) provides directional overcurrent and earth fault indication, conductor temperature monitoring and directional power flow detection, within a 1kg self-powered overhead line sensor.

Overhead FPIs are supplied as a set of 3 units with low power radio links between the units. The central unit includes built in 4G/2G communications providing RTU functionality and a native DNP3 link to the control room.

The innovative clamping mechanism enables field teams to install FPIs on live overhead lines up to 12 meters high using a hot stick, eliminating any interruption to customer supply.

Monitoring for network analysis

Smart Navigator 2.0 delivers directional power flow detection, without the need for a grounded voltage reference, enabling the operator to deploy at scale for full visibility of directional power flows through the smart network.

Conductor surface temperature sensing enables deployment of real-time ratings to overhead lines at scale, providing visibility of true thermal capacity and assisting the operator in the informed release of constraints on connected generation.

Smart Navigator 2.0 offers distribution state estimation and real-time conductor temperature-based post-fault ratings through our powerful iHost™ platform.

Deployment options

Smart Navigator 2.0 products are available for the full range of HV distribution voltages:

  • Smart Navigator 2.0 - Intelligent fault detection for 11kV and 33kV overhead networks

  • Smart Navigator 2.0 HV - Online monitoring for 66kV and 132kV overhead networks 

  • Smart Navigator 2.0 LC - Fault detection for rural overhead networks with low load current

Remote maintenance such as software updates or configuration adjustments can be performed via the GSM / LTE connection.

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