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A single platform enabling customers to manage the increasing numbers of small, low cost, communicating “smart field devices”

iHost Platform

Visualisation of alarms and status, archiving of data, reporting and trending all available on one flexible platform.


As well as supporting Nortech’s own RTUs, iHost offers the ideal off-the-shelf “head end system” for large populations of communicating field devices from multiple vendors.

iHost is a scalable platform ready to accept data from any communicating device and then combine and share that data with other users and systems.

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Key Features

  • Collects, processes and stores data from remote field devices

  • Dashboard analytics and visualisation toolset

  • Protocol conversion and data concentrator

  • Population, configuration and firmware management

  • IEC 62351 security, TLS tunneling and device certificate management

  • Provides several industry standard protocols including; DNP3, IEC 60870-5, ICCP, Modbus, IEC 61850, MQTT and Kafka

  • Support for many proprietary third party protocols

  • Capable of simultaneous communications with several thousands of field devices

  • Integration with SCADA Network Management System

  • Unified Power Quality analysis and reporting platform

iHost Historian

At the heart of the platform is the iHost database. Our integrated datastore has evolved to meet the changing needs of iHost users and the manufacturers of field devices which generate the data we look after. It has been designed to store many billions of values using a highly optimised and compressed time-series storage format.

Providing access to the data is a separate challenge and something we invest a lot of software developer time and effort getting right. iHost includes a suite of dashboard analytics and visualisation tools to transform the time-series data into useful information.

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Deployment options

  • Cloud hosted
  • On-premises - with high availability options
  • Ruggedised hardware local monitoring and control

It's your data

We have always been committed to making access to data as simple and open as possible (albeit behind firewalls on a secure network). Whilst we aim for iHost to provide users everything they need to interact with data collected from field devices we realise there may be times when this isn’t the only approach. So if you want to build your own reports, design something special for use on smart phones or tablets or even build an entire analytics application you are free to do so.

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